Local Loop Connection

Local loop or Metro Ethernet is a metro-scale data communication network that can reach connections in a large city so that it can connect one network point to another, not only for internet connections, it can stream whatever data the user wants.

Local loops don’t just connect connections between one point and another. However, you can also connect the required data. This facility allows companies to save expenses.

Local Loop is the right service choice for a company, institution or individual, when they want to connect their head office, with several branch offices or customers (end users) located in one region or between regions. This service can save time sending data from one point to another because it is connected in one line.

How Does It Works ?

The working system of the Local Loop itself must be supported by a network provider or system that provides a clear path or link between customer location points, whether the medium is radio or Fiber Optic cable. When the two points are connected, the cable network can be provided with the required services such as internet services, intranet and others.

Advantages of using Local Loop

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Guaranteed Security
  3. Stable Bandwidth

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