Internet Dedicated

Dedicated Internet connection is a service where a provider dedicates a specific amount of bandwidth for that connection. 

This bandwidth is not shared with anyone else other than the users of that physical circuit.  Being a dedicated connection the performance is always consistent and reliability very high.

Different locations have varying availability of each Internet service type. The type of dedicated Internet connection needed depends on what the location can accommodate.

Each type of circuit is priced according to the level of bandwidth speed and contract length, which is typically 1,2,3 year terms.

When you order a dedicated Internet connection, the amount of bandwidth you receive is guaranteed.  Also, performance metrics like network latency, packet loss, uptime, and repair timeframes are also guaranteed in a document called an SLA or Service Level Agreement.

This ensures your Internet connection performs at a consistent service level or high QoS, regardless of the time of day or number of users online in the area.

How Does It Works ?

Custom internet works by providing a direct connection between a company and an internet service provider. 

In contrast to broadband connections which share bandwidth with many users, dedicated internet ensures all bandwidth is available exclusively to the company that uses it.

This need for speed and stability allows companies to choose the speed that suits their needs, from a few Mbps to several Gbps, depending on the size and type of business.

The Nature of the Dedicated Internet

  1. Ratio 1:1
  2. Symmetric Bandwidth
  3. SLA Guarantee
  4. Backup Upstream
  5. Reliable After Sales

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