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PT. Artamedia Citra Telematika Indonesia companies moving in the field of Internet Service Provider, IT Consultant, Networking & Communication. Established the first time as CV. E-MEDIA in 2010 and continued to improve both in establishing relationships with partners and with customers who have trusted Artamedia to meet the needs of the internet and others.

Vision / Visi

Being a major player in business information and communication solutions in regional

Menjadi pemain utama dalam bisnis solusi informasi dan komunikasi di regional


Mission / Misi

Business support for the enterprises with information and communication solutions inexpensive and reliable

Mendukung kegiatan bisnis bagi perusahaan dengan solusi informasi dan komunikasi yang murah dan handal

This diagram shows developments each year from 2014 to 2018 and continues to experience the elevations seen in the diagram below.

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